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2 thoughts on “Website

  1. Do you share your openings on LinkedIn? if not it is highly effective. theis a myriad of military and veterans groups… I would like to introduce myself as in the near future I may be able to bring more openings for you…as I am beginning a new cooperative venture to employ veterans.. Warmly Jade

    1. Hello Jade
      So nice to meet you and so sorry for the delayed response – I am still working my way through wordpress and social media outlets! May I ask where you are located? We are located in NY but work with organizations worldwide. Would love to hear more = you can reach us at 845-624-3278. You can either ask for me Noritza Perito or Jeff Klare we would both be more than happy to assist and thank you for helping our Veterans with employment.
      Here is a link to our website so you can see the upcoming job fairs we will be hosting if you would be interested in participating in.
      Thank you again for your kind assistance. Warmest regards, Noritza

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