We would like to invite you to join us in supporting our veterans hiring initiatives. Please see the write-up below including detailed information on our 2015 Events.
Upcoming Career Expo 2015
November 10th – Savannah, Georgia
Charles H. Morris Center
Veteran Career Expo & Military Appreciation Breakfast
In conjunction with Corporations and Veteran Groups throughout the Low Country will be hosting
A little about who we are –
Be a Hero – Hire a Hero is not a charity. Our mission is to build a valuable working partnership between Veterans, Wounded Warriors, and their culturally
diverse families and Companies seeking talented, experienced leaders and employees they can count on.
We work intensely on both sides of this partnership – preparing this group for a seamless integration from military to civilian life and tailoring
corporate programs to meet specific hiring needs.
If you’re ready to have this sort of partnership and take your organization
to the next level, let’s book a time for us to come in and discuss the
possibility of being an employment resource for hiring military
personnel/veterans/spouses and family members into your workforce.
When they come back – we give back
Programs we offer include:
Career Expo Events – includes long-term follow-up and placement assistance
through our toll free hotline.
Job Board Postings
Direct recruiting and placement of veterans
Temporary and Permanent Military Staffing Services
Corporate Compliance Analysis, Diversity Best Practice and Veteran Tax
Incentive Training
Please give us a moment of your time – we can schedule a date to have a phone conference or come out and visit you to present our programs.
Thank you for all you do to assist our Heroes!
We looking forward to speaking with you..
Susan Sher
Be a Hero – Hire a Hero
Be A Hero Hire A Hero – Home
Be A Hero-Hire A Hero operates under 3 Core Principles – Educate, Recruit and Retain. We assist veterans and employers with integrating these principles into their hiring strategy to make the veterans’ transition from the military to the corporate…

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