TITLE:  Coordinator – QA/Training


DIVISION:  Eastern Region, Health Services Group


POSITION REPORTS TO:  Access Health CT Call Center Manager

EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE:  Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university or equivalent experience required; ability to manage information via online databases, collaborative technologies, and websites; excellent computer skills; experience with data collection and management; and systems development, implementation, and basic research skills.  Preferred qualifications include a Bachelor’s degree in information science, business administration, marketing, management, communications, or a related field.  Preferred work experience includes experience working with Oracle Knowledge for Contact Center, Enterprise Edition, Oracle Knowledge for Web Self-Service, Enterprise Edition, and/or Oracle Knowledge Analytics.

Bilingual ability required in English and Spanish.



  1. Assist in developing and maintaining an effective quality assurance program.
  2. Communicate effectively with all project staff to support and further quality assurance goals.
  3. Conduct daily monitoring activities and audits for quality assurance purposes and to support the effective functioning of the project.
  4. Analyze quality assurance data to identify trends and to develop and implement corrective action plans as appropriate.
  5. Assist with the development, analysis, and distribution of project reports and performance indicators.
  6. Collect and maintain resources in the project’s knowledge management system (KMS) electronic library using Oracle products.
  7. Provide assistance with accessing and using information stored in the KMS, including program information and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
  8. Provide advice to the Account Team on information and knowledge management issues.
  9. Conduct training as required
  10. 10 Analyze effectiveness of key initiatives and quality improvement efforts.
  11. Train staff in how to systematically identify, collect, review, share, and retain high-value knowledge and resources associated with project policies, procedures and pertinent reference materials.
  12. Coordinate initial operation and ongoing updates to the project KMS to comply with an ISO 9001:2008 approach.
  13. Ensure compliance with relevant legislation such as copyright and intellectual property.
  14. Design, develop, and distribute training programs, resources, and materials and maintain a library of training aids.
  15. Develop training schedules based on the evaluation of the needs of staff and new hires in coordination with management.
  16. Schedule training sessions and individual training programs, ensuring facility setup, audiovisual setup, and participant notification.
  17. Deliver staff training on a regular and ongoing basis covering topics such as telephone protocols, customer service skills, program information, performance results obtained through quality assurance monitoring, and other areas as appropriate.
  18. Ensure that Call Center Representatives (CCRs) and licensed Brokers are provided with up-to-date knowledge of all applicable programs associated with the Exchange Call Center.
  19. Measure the effectiveness of training programs through evaluation, testing, and assessment of program outcomes.
  20. Meets all standards established for this position as outlined in the attached performance criteria.


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