2014 Holiday Season

Year round, Be a Hero-Hire a Hero has the wonderful opportunity to help Veterans across our great Nation.  It is with great honor that we have the appropriate resources and set of skills to be able to assist Veterans and their families to ease their transition into civilian life and also to  find employment after they retire from the service.  In Lieu of the current Holiday Season, we set up a Toy Drive for veterans and active-duty. With the help of our corporate sponsors, (Becton, Dickinsinon, & Co. and Publicis,) and local businesses, we were able to collect HUNDREDS of toys! We also collected Christmas Dinner essentials.  Turkeys, veggies, mashed potatoes, etc.  Thru our resources around the Tri-State Area, we complied a list of Military Families who are in great need of assistance this year.  So we were all set! We had the toys, the food, and the families! All we needed was a day of delivery to help spread our Christmas Cheer! Yesterday was the day.  Our team members, and also a team from Becton Dickinson, and Co. all went their separate ways around New Jersey and New York. Our travels included a trip almost three hours away.  We successfully delivered all toys and meals to eight families.  The look on their faces were indescribable.  Our team members will definitely look at Christmas this year a little bit different.  What we can offer is that everybody should count their blessings this holiday season.  We will forever be grateful for all Military families for their sacrifices and their dedication to not only our Nation, but also for our simple little freedoms. Here, at Be a Hero-Hire a Hero, we can only hope we can make a difference for as many Military families in need that we possibly can.

As Thanksgiving came and went, Be a Hero-Hire a Hero has kept our nations’  veterans, and all active-duty soldiers in our thoughts and blessings. In the midst of another Holiday Season, and entering a New Year, we remain to do the same. May you find the time to enjoy our simple freedoms and beauty of each joyous moment this season as we extend our deepest appreciation for those who make them possible. And as we close another successful year, it is a perfect time to show our heartfelt gratitude to you all and can only hope for another triumphant year in 2015. From Be a Hero-Hire a Hero, we hope you and yours will have a very happy Holiday Season and a new year full of health and prosperity.


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