Media Desk Operator – Miami, Fla

Job Summary:

The Media Desk will be responsible for logging, clipping, and preparing incoming feeds for edit operations, broadcast, and archive. Media Desk Operators will be a vital resource in a busy news environment, providing front line support on all matters related to the video in a large Avid ISIS server. Media Desk Operators should have a strong interest in broadcast journalism and video editing, sound editorial judgment and a demonstrated ability to rapidly respond to requests and meet strict deadlines while maintaining a professional attitude. Media Desk Operators must maintain a constant awareness of the editorial needs of the facility, will sometimes juggle several projects simultaneously, and will often need to nimbly shift gears as priorities change. They must be detail oriented and good communicators.


  • Log incoming raw news feeds, flagging, and isolating best sound bites and video
  • Search for and retrieve content in library systems
  • Mark heads and tails of relevant feeds. Ensure ingested material is accurately labeled per required facility metadata standards
  • Edit simple VO and SOT Avid timelines for air, generically when no script is available and to time when scripts are available, Accurately enter simple information in iNews graphic plugin
  • Mark key portions of recorded feed for future archive
  • Mark un-needed content for deletion per operational policies


  • Bachelors Degree in journalism or related field preferred
  • Candidate should have good editorial judgment, which includes distilling the essence of a news event into a summary
  • Experience with desktop editing systems (Avid, Final Cut, Windows Media, Adobe etc).  Ability to create a VO/SOT and use simple effects
  • Library management experience helpful
  • Can juggle multiple projects and perform well under breaking news pressure
  • Able to work collaboratively and under deadlines
  • Must be able to work a flexible work schedule
  • Bi-Lingual (Spoken and written English and Spanish) required

Call Jeff Klare at 845-624-3278 or for more information.



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