Great Opportunity! Entertainment/ Lifestyle Segment Producer – Miami

Position Title: Entertainment/ Lifestyle Segment Producer
Reporting to: Executive Producer
Location: Miami
Job Summary:
The entertainment/lifestyle segment producer is responsible for delivering daily live and/or tape segments for broadcasts.


• Responsible to read on-line papers, magazines and wires looking for stories of interest for long form newsmagazines to pitch them to senior management
• Strong booking, communication and relationship skills are necessary to the position, as delivering competitive stories, breaking news specials, and long form newsmagazine hour programs are a core responsibility
• Candidates should be able to write proposals for competitive bookings
• Traveling to and booking guests (at times on short notice)
• Maintain relationships with various print, TV and web outlets.
• Responsible for producing live shots
• Working with correspondents and anchors within a competitive atmosphere
• Minimum of 3 years progressive experience in television (i.e. morning shows, cable shows, broadcast TV, etc.).
• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience.
• News/Entertainment background desirable
• Candidate must be able to adjust priorities quickly given changing news cycle
• General knowledge of the technical logistics involved in producing remotes from studio locations and field locations.
• Must be able to work independently
• Strong writing skills necessary
• Ability to shoot and Edit required.
• Photoshop skills greatly preferred

Call Jeff Klare at 845-624-3278 or jklare@hireds,com for more information,


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