A Touching Tribute to September 11, 2001

A truly a Touching tribute which we wanted to share – thank you Carl Savino for posting

What I still see vividly in my mind:

I was walking to work that beautiful September morning – it was my 1 year anniversary at work and it was also the first time in a year I realized that I could see those magnificent towers so vividly in my every day path – we all stood looking at the 1st tower burning not knowing what was actually happening…..then we saw the explosion of the second strike. I remember I could not breath, I remember all the people in the street looking up, the fear and terror that overcame us was suffocating, we were all crying, we were all hugging one another, we were all praying for those helpless innocent people in the burning towers…

An hour later the unimaginable happened;  we watched in disbelief as the towers disintegrated into a black,  dark,  angry, fury of dust and in an instant gone from the most beautiful September morning sky that I ever witnessed.

Those who made their way out by the Grace of God had tattered clothing, and were covered in blood, soot and ashes. We were all crying for each other, for our beautiful city, for humankind.

That day truly changed our world forever, THEY thought they won; however we as a nation never felt a closer bond to our Country, to one another, we grew stronger and kinder to one another and showed THEM no matter what we are dealt with, how devastating the tragedy; we are fighters, we stand up for what we believe and we are proud of our Country.

Yes – We will never forget…

May those who lost loved ones find peace in their hearts.

May the Fallen Heroes forever rest in peace …

God Bless our Heroes and God Bless America

Noritza Perito


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