Helpful Assistance Translating Your Military Experience & Terminology into Civilian Language

Civilian Translation of Military Terminology

In the   military In the civilian world


In the military


In the civilian           world




Director, Senior Manager, President


O-7 and above


President, Senior Director, Chairman of the Board, Managing Director


Executive Officer


Deputy Director, Assistant Director


O-5 and O-6


Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Program Director


Action Officer


Senior Analyst




Senior Administrator, Department Head, Program Manager


Branch/Division Chief


Branch/Division Chief


O-1 to O-3


Executive, Administrator, Manager, Project Officer


Program/Project Manager


Program/Project Manager


WO1 to WO5


Director, Specialist, Facilitator, Technical Manager, Technical Specialist, Department Manager


General Officers


President, Senior Director, Chairperson, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Senior Vice President, Executive Vice President


Senior Field Grade Officer


Senior Administrator, Chief Executive, Department Head, Program Director, Deputy Chief, Senior Executive


E-7 to E-9


Director, Supervisor


Field Grade Officer


Executive, Manager


E-4 to E-6


Assistant Manager, Line Supervisor, Section Leader, Task Leader, Supervisor, Foreman


Company Grade Officer


Associate, Operations Manager, Unit or Section Manager


E-1 to E-3


Production Worker, Assembler, Technician, Assistant, Apprentice, Team Member


Senior NCOs


Director, First-Line Supervisor




Ground security force


Operations NCO


Operations Manager


Sergeant Major


Senior Advisor




Supervisor, Manager, Coordinator


First Sergeant


Personnel Manager




Business Related Travel, business trip


Squad Leader


Team Leader, Team Chief






Supply Sergeant


Supply Manager, Logistics Manager


NCO Academy


Leadership/Management Training



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