Read About Homes for Our Troops’ Initiative – “Home Award Program”

Dear HFOT Families, Friends, and Supporters,

We are excited to tell you about an expansion to Homes for Our Troops mission.  We have recently added a “Home Award Program” that will allow us to provide the “American Dream” of  home ownership to a broader population of deserving Americans;  our nation’s wounded and injured Veterans and to the spouses of our fallen service members, completely mortgage-free.

As an organization, we feel as though our nation’s Veterans, especially the wounded and injured and Gold Star families have paid enough through their service and sacrifice and it’s time for us to give back.  We give back by providing mortgage-free homes to our deserving military families that would not normally qualify for our original “Specially Adapted Home Program.”

Homes for Our Troops will soon begin receiving donations of homes that are currently owned by national banks.  These top-quality homes are in move-in condition and located throughout the country.  The banks want to donate these homes to HFOT for Veterans and their families, mortgage-free!  We would like to help as many applicants as possible and need your help in disseminating this word. Please share this email with anyone you know that could potentially qualify for the Home Award Program.

Basic Qualification Criteria

  • You are a Veteran that sustained injuries during combat or while deployed in support of combat operations after September 11, 2001.
  • You are Widow/Widower or dependent of a service member due to injuries sustained in combat or while deployed in support of combat operations after September 11, 2001.
  • You plan to make your new “HFOT Home Award” home your primary residence for a minimum of three years.
  • You accept the responsibility of home ownership and have the resources to maintain a home. (ongoing maintenance and upkeep, taxes, utilities etc.)

Potential Home Award Candidates: Please fill out the open application using the link above and provide the required documentation to start the application process.  The open application gives you the opportunity to become pre-qualified for a “Home Award Program” home by the selection committee. When we receive notification from our banking partners that a home becomes available that fits the criteria you specify, we will send you an email notification with all the information on the home(s). You will then have seven (7) calendar days to notify Homes for Our Troops if you want one of the homes on the list.

I am sure you may have some questions about this program; please feel free to visit our web site,   or to contact us at

Thank you for your continued support of the Homes for Our Troops mission, we look forward to being able to provide more Veterans and their families the “American Dream” of home ownership through our “Home Award Program.”

[object Object]Do you know a qualifying Veteran/Gold Star family that needs a mortgage-                   free home? Please forward this email to them! 


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