Communities in Action

Honoring the Fallen ( — “Untold Stories from Iraq & Afghanistan” features a variety of stories with different tones. The book features an introduction by famed “G.I. Joe” scribe Larry Hama, as well as creators such as Jerry Bingham, P. Craig Russell, Mike Perkins, Al Bigley, Rick Ketcham and Murwin donating their time to bring the submitted stories to the page.   “We get stories from parents, we get stories from marines, airmen, seamen. We get stories from some Vietnam vets. It can be anything. I can be a funny story that they have to tell. We had one airman who was actually was talking about camel spiders. Well, when we sent it to the artist, Rick Parker, who used to do ‘Beavis and Butthead’ for Marvel, he called me up and said, ‘Can I do this from the spider’s point of view?’ I said, ‘Well let me talk to the airman and see what he says, and (the soldier) said, ‘Yeah, that sounds great. Go for it.’ So it’s a two-page story in the book, and it totally hilarious. He did a fantastic job on it.   “We got some humor, some stories from loss. The first story in volume 1 was based on PFC Rick Dewater. Jerry Bingham from ‘Batman Confidential,’ who’s also a veteran, gave up a month of his time, at no pay, to illustrate the first story which is 26 pages. He did that to help us bring forth PFC Dewater’s story. He was killed in Afghanistan in a Korengal Valley attack. So that’s really why we do what we do, is to get the word out there and let them see what these family members, what these servicemen go through.”  The idea of using comics as the medium for his fund-raising efforts was a natural choice for Murwin, given the long history the industry has of depicting military action in the pages of the books, as well as the number of creators who have served in the military.


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